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I’m Denise Sawyer of WholesomeMommy.com Some of you may know me from my previous blogging endeavor, The “Centsible Sawyer,” a blog about how to live large on less by scoring big deals at low prices just about everywhere.

Well, I’ve combined my knowledge gained from being a super sleuth at finding bargains with my new found obsession, living wholesomely.

What do I mean by “Wholesome?”

It’s simple.  Literally.  I’ve learned that being frugal and budget minded can go hand in hand with living a green, simple, and wholesome life.  What I’ve set out to prove is that eating wholesome and organic food isn’t just for the elite and those with frivolous spending habits.  Anyone can make it work for them and I’m here to help you find that way as I go along on my own “Whole Food Journey.”

My Whole Food Journey Begins

I’m a twenty-nine-year-old new mom and a wife of nine years.  During my married life, I’ve always tried to provide home-cooked meals to my husband and to be a good steward of the finances that God has provided for us.  However, it was just during this past year upon having my first child that I really began to think about the quality of the food I was providing my family.  Being budget-conscious I set out to determine which foods were the “dirtiest” and which foods were most important to replace with organics.  You know – what would give me the “biggest bang for my buck.”  Want to know what I found?  Read HERE.  I also learned to cook more from scratch, saving my family lots of money and creating better nutrition for them too!  Like you, I don’t like to spend my whole evening in the kitchen (or worse, my whole day!) so I’ve come up with lots of delicious meals that don’t take a lot of time, read more about them under Wholesome Recipes.

Along with this change in diet came a shift in mindset.  I began to really think about the kind mom I wanted to be and other ways that I could better my family’s lives and the environment – while saving money.  My new mantra has become quality over quantity and can be used to explain many aspects of my life from time spent with my family to the type of foods that we eat.  I hope you’ll find my tips for wholesome living, wholesome fun, and my thoughts on raising a wholesome family inspiring and I hope you’ll share your thoughts and tips with me too!