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Fish is really healthy for you but in the past I have a had a hard time making it a regular in my weekly meal planning.  Finding new ways to fix fish has really helped me to add it to my weekly meal plan.  This is one of my favorites – and my family actually requests it! The nice thing about this recipe is you can’t screw it up! It is literally one of those recipes that you add a little of this and a little bit of that until it taste like you want it to!

Fish Piccata

Tilapia (as many filets as your family will eat)
Olive oil
2 Tbsp of butter
3/4 can of chicken stock
2-3 Tbsp of lemon juice
about 2 tsp of capers rinsed (optional)

Flour your tilapia fillets. Add some olive oil to your skillet. Fry the fish fillets and then remove them from the skillet. Most of the oil will be gone at this point but there will be lots of yummy bits left in the frying pan. Keep the heat on high and pour in the chicken stock. Use a wooden spoon (or other utensil) to scrape up the bits from the pan – this will make a very flavorful sauce for the fish. Add the lemon juice and capers. Allow the sauce to boil and reduce. When the sauce had reduced by half taste it to see if it is lemony enough. If you want it more tangy add more lemon, it is is too tangy, add more chicken stock. If the sauce is just like you like it add in some butter (about 2 Tbsp) to make the sauce creamy and add body.

Serve the sauce over the fish fillets. I like to serve the fish alongside mashed potatoes and some sort of green vegetable such as my sauteed green beans.