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Today I will describe my recipe for making fantastic Kratom tea. Literally no matter how dark your day is, and no matter how stressed you are, this recipe will fill your day with sunshine.

First off, I’ll explain why I’m making this tea in the first place. Kratom is a 100% organic and natural supplement that helps to relieve pain, stress, fatigue, and anxiety, and it is completely safe. I have found that Kratom is really beneficial to my life, which is why I’m sharing this recipe with you all.

To start this recipe, take a half teaspoon to a full teaspoon of Kratom powder and put it into a heat sealed tea bag. For the best Kratom, buy Kratom from Amazing Botanicals, which has lab tested Kratom that is 100% free of contaminants and has a high alkaloid concentration.

Then iron the top of the tea bags to activate the heat seal, but make sure the Kratom has some room to breathe and that is not too tightly packed so it will steep properly. Basically, pack the Kratom in the tea bags as loosely as possible.

Then put 4 teaspoons of Thai tea into a coffee maker, in order to make boiling hot Thai tea. Then pour 4 ounces of this Thai tea into a small pot, and add a bag of your Kratom tea. Then steep the Kratom and Thai tea on high heat until it reduces to 2 ounces, which only takes a few minutes. Then repeat this 6 times with the same Kratom bag in order to fully extract the alkaloids.

Put all of the liquid from the 6 extractions into a big cup, and add coconut sugar as well as 2-5 cups of milk.

Another technique is to simply add instant coffee and flavor it with coconut sugar or brown sugar.

That’s all you need to do to make fantastic Kratom tea. Perhaps drink some of this tea with my world famous grilled cheese and tomato soup if you really wanna have a good time.

Enjoy, and have a wholesome day!