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Okay, okay.  So, it isn’t Monday! LOL.  With the holiday weekend I’m a day behind.  But, here’s what is going on this week at the Sawyer household.

This week is a little different than most in that I am going out of town for a few days and leaving the fam to their own devices.  Pray for me!  I am a little nervous about being so far away from my little man!

:: Monday (Not your conventional Memorial Day fare – LOL)
Chicken Casserole
Black Eyed Peas

:: Tuesday
Organic Nitrate Free Beef hotdogs & buns
Baked Beans

:: Wednesday
Pasta Carbonara
Homemade French Baguette

Everyone is on there own!

:: Friday
Fried Fish
Green Beans

:: Saturday
Meal at the Coffee House

:: Sunday
BBQ Meatballs
Scalloped Potatoes
Sugar Snap Peas