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Here at Wholesome Mommy, I’ve been writing a lot of post about how my family is making changes to our eating habits.   In order to afford more natural, wholesome, and organic foods we use coupons, shop sales, and we don’t buy processed foods.  Processed food is expensive and organic, processed foods are even more ridiculously priced.  I also make a lot of our foods from scratch.

However, I am not a full time stay at home mom… I would love to be, but it just isn’t in the cards for us at this time.  So, I work outside of our home 2 to 3 days per week as a Georgia public school educator and I’m also a part-time adjunct professor at a local college.  So, on the days I’m home I want to spend quality time with my son, not tied to my kitchen.  Although I love to cook and bake, I like meals that can be prepared in 40 minutes or less and I limit baking to one day per week.  Once a week I do several of the following: bake muffins and/or bread, make waffles and/or pizza dough, make chicken stock, ice cream, and/or homemade bagels.  I try to make sure there is a something in the house to grab for a quick breakfast and I prep some meals ahead of time for the days when I have to work.  I always make out a meal plan and I try to plan meals that are more involved for the days when I’m home and I plan quicker meals for days when I’ve got to work.

For me it is all about finding balance and being organized.  With a little planning, I’m able to provide wholesome meals and snacks for my family.  I feel like we have a good grasp on what we are putting in our bodies and we eat really well.  But, there are more changes on the horizon for our family.  We are trying to green our home a little more.

We’re already doing several green and frugal things already…mostly because they are frugal – they just also happen to be green!  We use cloth diapers part of the time (but we also use disposable some of the time), we line dry some of our clothes and linens (but we also use our dryer), we recycle cans and cardboard (although we aren’t always diligent about it – mostly because we still haven’t found a system that works), and we use reusable bags, lunch bags, and sandwich bags.

But, we are stepping it up a notch.  To find our what changes we’re making and what new posts you can expect here, watch this short video:

Join me along with my fellow , Walmart Moms, Sheena of Sophistishe,
Jennae of Green Your Décor, and
Jenn of Frugal Upstate, on our four-week journey to live a more sustainable lifestyle in the Seventh Generation/Walmart sustainability challenge.

Disclosure: I am a participant in the Walmart Moms(http://www.walmart.com/walmartmoms) program. Seventh Generation(http://www.seventhgeneration.com/) has provided me with products.  Walmart has provided me with compensation to blog about attempting a more sustainable household for a month. Participation in this program is voluntary. All opinions are my own.