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At our house we try to look at items before we toss them out to find out if there is something else we can repurpose them for.  Sometimes containers can be reused for storage or craft projects or other things.  I’ve got a whole file folder full or fun crafts that children can make and do out of recycled materials.  I’m just waiting for Judah to get a little older so that he can do them!

However, I’ve recently came  across a great way to repurpose something I have a lot of lying around my house and have a little fun with Judah at the same time.  I’ve discovered that a lot of my packages have been packed with paper in order to keep the products from shifting around.  Sometimes that paper is nice, long sheets of what I call butcher paper.

I’ve been folding it up and saving it for drawing paper for Judah.  These big sheets of paper make for tons of fun for us and it’s the perfect canvas for little hands that are just learning to use crayons.

Judah uses Clemetine Art’s natural crayon rocks.  These crayon rocks, like all of Clementine Art’s products, are made from natural, certified non-toxic, and environmentally friendly ingredients.  They are made of things like soy wax, carnauba wax, beeswax, and mineral pigments.  I love them because Judah is bound to put these little boogers in his mouth at least once while I’m colouring with him (note – they are a choking hazard for children under 3 but I monitor him the whole time we color).  I don’t have to worry it he gets a little git in his mouth!

What are some other ways that you’ve turned recycling or repurposing into fun for your children?