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As a new mom trying to provide wholesome snacks I am always open to trying new things.

Our family (especially our toddler) loves to snack.  Organic apples with natural and/or organic peanut butter, cracker with organic cheese, homemade cookies, organic applesauce, freshly baked muffins, organic yogurt, chips, and a family favorite (especially at movie time) – popcorn.

I was delighted to find that there is a natural option out there!  Doc Popcorn is made with natural and organic ingredients and comes in tons of flavors: caramel kettle corn, sweet butter, triple white cheddar, sinfully cinnamon, better butter, hoppin jalapeno, salt n pepper, cheesy cheddar, and klassic kettle.  My favorites, klassic kettle and sweet butter.  Although, I haven’t found one that wasn’t good.  It is so fresh and delicious, and not mass produced, only popped in small batches, fresh every day.

You can order Doc Popcorn HERE, and trust me, you want to try this!  It was so delicious!  It is one of our new favorites!  It isn’t terribly expensive either.  There are lots of different options, but you can get a six pack sampler for just $20.

Do you have a favorite wholesome snack?  I would love to hear about it!  This family of snackers is always looking for something new and delcious to try!