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The fall is here!  My favorite season of all…Fall!   I love the warmth of Fall with the cool crisp breeze.  I love the seasonal produce: pumpkins and apples.  I love that I can begin baking again without worrying about heating the house and competing with the air conditioner.  I love decorating and making my house feel like a home.  Something about Fall just screams homey-ness to me, like a warm baked apple pie.

Right now there are so many terrific items out there to help decorate your home for Fall, and it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune.  I’m going to showcase a few of my favorite Fall items for you in this post and if you haven’t already spruced up your home, maybe you’ll get some ideas!  And, the best part, I can leave these items up for when all the relatives come to visit for a big Thanksgiving meal!

Here’s the entrance to my home. I  already had the little side table from a Better Homes and Gardens patio set I bought years ago.  It worked great to display my big potted mums – don’t you love the cheerful yellow?  I bought the mums (and repotted them myself in a pot I had – $ saver!) and the pumpkin at my local Walmart.

See the cute sign on my door?  It was a clearance item at Micheal’s last year(which is another great way to score great Fall decorating items – on clearance racks!).  I hung it with on of those 3M hooks that you can pull off with no sticky mess.  My husband was thrilled (he didn’t want me to put a nail in the door!).

This item is from Micheal’s too.  But, I bought it this year.  It looks great on my kitchen nook table filled with fake and real Fall items like pine cones, leaves, apples, and other odds and ends.

This one is my favorite.  See that big tall vase. I stole it… from my mom. Hehehe.  It makes a huge statement on my dining room table filled with a few big, bright silk sunflowers and mums.  I love all the colors!  It makes the room so cheery.  The table is an old glass table I inherited but it looks stunning covered with a floor length simple white table cloth and then topped with a new Better Homes and Gardens round table cloth (got it at Walmart a few weeks ago).

I set the table with my new white, square Canopy dishes.  I just bought them a few weeks ago.  You can actually buy these in place settings – but it was WAY cheaper to just buy the plate and bowls seperately.  I didn’t really want the salad plates or the mugs (who needs more coffee mugs!?).  I love that I can use my other dishes (I LOVE dishes) interchangeably with these and get a whole new look.  I’m always on the look out for cute and colorful salad plates that I can use with plain white dishes. This way I get a whole different look for less!  The black and white plates shown here are some that I bought at World Market a couple years back.  I love to use them as salad plates as they were intended but I also bought enough of them to use as cocktail plates/party plates for parties where I’m not serving a whole big meal.  The little white cocktail plates (shown here as bread plates) are from a big set I bought at Home Goods for next to nothing last year.  I’m constantly having guests and throwing parties so I am always on the lookout for cute entertaining dishes on the cheap! I’ve got my eye on these Better Homes and Gardens plates from Walmart.  I just love the purple!  It is an unexpected color – but I love it!

Last but not least, I couldn’t resist this quilt from Better Homes and Gardens (can you tell I’m in love with their line right now?!?) For just $19 buck for a King size I can display it all folded up on my couch – like in the picture).  But, it will also make a great quilt to take along on our picnic adventures!  We love to do picnics!  By the way it comes in a couple other prints and all sizes for the same price.

My hubby says I’m a Martha Stewart wanna-be, but I just can’t resist these Fall treasures!  I love the way my home looks now, and with just a little money and a few items I feel like it is new again!  Now, its time for me to go snuggle up with my little one in my new Fall quilt.  So, it’s your turn…how are you decorating and getting your home ready for Fall?  I would love to hear (and add to my idea bank!).

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