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You’re in luck if you’re reading this article, because you just stumbled upon the perfect Kratom and Coffee recipe which will make your mornings perfect and bring you good vibes throughout the entire day.

This recipe is extremely simple, all you need is a Coffee maker, your favorite ground Coffee, your favorite Kratom strain, and preferably a metal coffee filter. Load the metal coffee filter with the typical amount of Coffee that you usually put in it, and perhaps add just a little more than usual. Then add 1-4 level teaspoons of premium Kratom powder, depending on how potent you want your morning cup of brew to be.

After that thoroughly blend the Coffee with the Kratom so that it becomes a fairly uniform mixture, and then add some water to your Coffee machine and brew as usual. The steam and boiling water in the Coffee machine will effectively extract Kratom’s alkaloids, meaning the good stuff that is in the Kratom powder will be transferred into the pot of Coffee!

Then once it’s done brewing take a sip to gauge flavor, and at this point add milk and sugar since it makes the taste a whole lot better.

A side note is that using Mocha Coffee is the best, since the chocolate notes really balance out any bitterness from the Kratom. That being said, adding hot chocolate mix into the brew would probably be an even better way.

Now that you’ve got your finished brew, you will find that this drink provides the perfect balance of energy, relaxation, anxiety relief, and focus, making it the perfect way to start your day. I recommend drinking this brew slowly since it’s strong stuff!

Finally, you could run your coffee machine again and put the same mixture through a 2nd time, and it’ll yield another fairly potent pot of brew. However, I wouldn’t do it a 3rd time, since at that point there’s little to no alkaloids left in the Kratom.