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My family eats at home every night of the week about 90% of the time.  If we don’t eat at home we eat with my family at one of their homes, or with other families in our fellowship each Saturday at Bible study. We each take a turn preparing the meal about once a month and that means we get a break the other 3 Saturdays each month.  Eating at home is more nutricious and easy on our budget!  Another way we save money is we’ve implemented a “meatless meal” one night per week.  Did you know that besides being easy on your wallet, choosing one meatless meal per week also helps our environment?  The environmental impact of every American replacing one meat-based meal per week with a vegetarian one is the equivalent of taking more than five million cars off U.S. roads.  (According to Kiwi April/May 2010).

Here’s what I’ve planned for this week:

:: Monday
Lasagna with Spinach
Homemade French Baguette

:: Tuesday
Cubed Steak
Fresh Sauteed Garlic French Green Beans

:: Wednesday
Rotisserie Chicken from Earth Fare
Roasted Sweet Potatoes
Sugar Snaps

:: Thursday
Crunchy Tilapia
French Fries
Green Beans

:: Friday
White Beans
Potato Latkes

:: Saturday
Meal at the Coffee House/Bible Study

:: Sunday
Scalloped Potatoes