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We have a Keurig coffee maker.  There it is out.  My dirty little secret.  I recieved it as a product to review a while back.  At first look I thought it was a cute little machine but didn’t really understand how it could be cost efficient or something I would really use.  After using it for a short time I loved it for its novelty.  As time has passed I have used it more often then I originally assumed I would.

In my home my husband and I are the coffee drinkers.  We typically each fix a to go cup each morning before going to work.  Since I now work part time I don’t have to get up quite so early every weekday morning, only two to three mornings per week.  That means that two to three mornings a week my husband is the sole coffee drinker.  It is difficult (and cumbersome) to make coffee for one in a big 12 cup coffee maker, not to mention, my husband gets up late and doesn’t take the time to prepare it when it is only for him.

On the mornings that we are making coffee for one the Keurig is great!  It makes coffee in seconds and you’re out the door in no time. I like the “My K Cup” because it makes the Keurig machine work like your regular coffee maker – only faster.  The My K Cup is a little mesh basket that allows you to use any variety of ground coffee in your Keurig – not just the K-cups.  This makes the Keurig much more cost effective since the K-cups can be quite pricey. Plus this allows you to use varieties of coffee that may not be available in K-cups. Purchasing the My K Cup basket makes using the Keurig no more expensive than using a regular coffee machine.  So, there you have it, my “frugal little splurge.”

Green Mountain Coffee now has “Brew Over Ice” K-Cups.  These are K-Cups that you brew over ice to have cold – frappuccino-like coffee drinks and iced tea.  New for this summer are Green Mountain Coffee Nantucket Blend® and French Vanilla Iced Coffee. For iced tea lovers, two new Celestial Seasonings Perfect Iced Teas are debuting: Half and Half (part black tea, part lemonade) and Southern Sweet Tea. These new K-Cups join the four Perfect Iced Tea varieties introduced last summer: Sweet Lemon Black Tea, Sweet Peach Black Tea, Sweet Raspberry Black Tea and Black Tea Unsweetened.  Right now Green Mountain Coffee is offering $1 of their Perfect Iced Teas and Iced Coffees. Just use the key code BREW-ICED through August 16th.

So if you are a frappuccino lover this might be just the think for you – maybe you can even cut out those stops at Starbucks… that is if you have a dirty little