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Spring is in the air here in Georgia. We’ve had a bout of CRAZY weather {you know, warm today and FREEZING the next} but it won’t be long until the weather gets consistently more warm. With that warm and fuzzy thought I also feel a twinge of stress.

Stress because spring means switching closets, going through last spring/summer’s wardrobes, trying on a few things, purchasing the things we need {and sometimes that means entire wardrobes when children are small}, and going to get new shoes.  This is no small feat with 3 children. Heck.. this is no small feat with ONE child, but three children make my blood pressure rise.

Clothes can break the budget when you consider pajamas, shoes, and swim suits.. besides the regular clothes. That is why I am thankful for my local Walmart and that they carry such cute things from Carter’s Child of Mine line.  These pieces are great quality for a low price point.

Of course, I can’t always get EVERYTHING I need in one stop at one store, but I usually start here first. I know I am going to get more for my dollar, so I might as well grab up what I can from Walmart.

This week I browsed around the baby department and grabbed up these two super comfy and cute pieces for Ezra. Then, we cruised over to the shoe department in search of some water shoes and I was pleasantly surprised to find these super cute ones that also happen to be Carter’s Child of Mine {I didn’t even know they MADE shoes!}. I tried them on to make sure they would fit his little fat feet and they did. But, he went a little crazy when I took them off and put his shoes back on. He wanted to wear them right away! I guess it was safe to say he liked them. :)


These are just a few of the many pieces they had available including 3 piece pajama sets, 2 piece outfits, john johns {or one-piece outfits}, and footie pajamas. I also love that when they are out of my kiddo’s size I can head over to Walmart.com and order the right size there.

How do you save money and time when it comes to getting ready for spring?